sportsbrand pay per view

Pay per view and Self streaming event – How it works.

Solutions for pay per view

Example embedded into your webpage ( white label unbranded )

OPTION 1 – all inclusive pay per view where we can build and setup a website for you where you can Livestream to your own website with unbranded or your own branded Live broadcast.
this would also be a fully secure encrypted stream with pay per view instant payment and instant access.

OPTION 2 – Pay per view is also for Livestream producers, production companies or organisations with the ability to livestream.

How it works

Embed a line of code into your web page and you see this .

Example embedded into your webpage ( white label unbranded )

Equipment Hire

Livestream Equipment hire for multicamera reliable live broadcasts

Cameras/ tripods

Multi camera Live switcher / encoder/ bonded Router with 5 Bonded multiple connections
– comes with 2 built in sim cards (Telstra and Optus) – has ethernet, wireless dongle and WiFi connection capability
Making this a very impresive live broadcast switcher,
can also stream local videos, photos,
Audio selection from camera feeds and seperate audio input options
SDI & HDMI inputs
built in hard drive for high live recording
internal power up to 1 hour
plug in to mains option

Portable 240 volt power
battery powered 1000watt Invertor on wheels.

long range video sender/receiver full HD (HDMI & SDI)

Wireless radio mics

a small selection of our film production equipment for hire is available here

Livestream production services with sportsbrand where we can work with your local production team by supplying all or some of the equipment or we can supply just the pay per view hosting service